Lighting Control

Our lighting control system, MV Control, provides wide range of advantages for living environment. They range from energy savings to adjustable light levels and selectable ambient color.

MV Control System includes wired or wireless communication system. Programming of intelligent light features tailored to your requirements. Occupancy sensors, especially radar sensors, enable savings as well as other features that go beyond traditional lighting control.

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Why MV Lighting System 

The major advantage of our lighting control system over stand-alone lighting controls or conventional manual switching is the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface device. This ability to control multiple light sources from a user device allows complex lighting scenes to be created.

 A room may have multiple scenes pre-set, each one created for different activities in the room. A major benefit of MV lighting control systems is reduced energy consumption. Longer lamp life is also gained when dimming and switching off lights when not in use. Wireless lighting control systems provide additional benefits including reduced installation costs and increased flexibility over where switches and sensors may be placed.

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