Environmental Monitoring System help you watch over a remote facility. Our solutions can instanly inform you when conditions are less than perfect, plus you can check on the status at anytime.

Our vast experience has helped us design products that are reliable, easy to use, flexible, and affordable. Listed below are just some of the reasons that we are the best choice for your remote monitoring application.

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Environmental Monitoring


  • ​Battery Backup
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Remote Access
  • No Dependencies
  • Field Proven in Sensitive Applications
  • Easy To Use
  • Made In The USA

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Computer Room Monitoring Considerations

Temperature monitoring can be performed using a few different methods depending on the size of the room and the concentration of heat sources.

When measuring temperature, there are really two different situations that you want to detect:

1) Is the air conditioning operating correctly?

2) Are one or more servers generating an excessive amount of heat?

By monitoring and alarming on all three of these temperature readings, you will not only know when you have a problem, but also the most likely cause of the problem.

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Air Flow:

In large computer rooms and data centers, it sometimes requires more sensor information to determine potential problems with cooling effciency.

In addition to measuring temperature at various points, the rate of airflow can also be a key in determining the overall health of the environment.

Using airflow sensor can be very enlightening and even find potential inefficiencies before an overheating problem occurs.

Room Humidity :

Humidity is often overlooked, but can be almost as important as the temperature in any size room.

Excessively low humidity can be the cause of constant static electricity discharges that wear and potentially damage your equipment.

High humidity is just as bad, and can be the cause of condensation on internal electroincs leading to corrosion and premature failure.

So don't forget to add a humidity sensor to watch for these potential situations.

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Contact Status From Other Devices:

Monitoring the status of your UPS system is a good idea for multiple reasons.

1) Depending on the size and configuration of your computer room, you may not be able to monitor the raw power status.

2) The UPS itself is also a potential point of failure in your computer room. 

In addition to your backup power systems, generators, and such that should also be interfaces with a our system to monitor.

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Water on Floor :

What's going on underneath your raised floor shouldn't be a mystery. Water sensors are needed for immediate detection of leaks from air conditioning systems or other potential water sources. 

MV offers two types of water sensors:

1) Detect water at one spot

2) Use sensor rope to cover a larger area.

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Physical Security 

MV's environmental monitoring product can also be used to perform some of your physical security as part of its overall monitoring and alarming.

Sensors can be added to the doors entering rooms, or even the doors to the individual server cabinets.

Motion detectors are available as well. The IMS Series of products can even interface with third party IP cameras.

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