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1) Code of Pratice for Energy Efficiency of Building Service Installation, hereinafter referred as "Building Energy Code" or "BEC", is issued under Part 9 of Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance, Charpter 610 (hereinafter referred as "the Ordinance")

2) The BEC sets out the technical guidance and details in respect of the minium energy efficiency requirements govering the building services installation defined in the Ordinance.

Building services installations designed, installed and maintained to a design standard in accordance with this BEC are deemed to have satisfied the relevant requirements of the ordinance in the technical aspects.

3)  The BEC is developed by the Electrical and Mechanical Service Department (EMSD) in collaboration with various professional institutions, trade associations, academia and goverment departments.

4)  The BEC may be updated from time to time by appropriate notices to cope with technological advancement and prevalent trade practices, and the update will also be publicized and given in EMSD's website.

COP for Energy Efficieny of Building Service Installation

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